Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Good Life

This post doesn’t fall under the category of subjects that I normally blog about (design, food, and the like), but it does fall under the categories of “good people” and the "good life,” two other areas about which I’m pretty passionate.

You see, I believe that everyone, no matter what their circumstance in life, deserves a chance - a chance to be smart, to work hard, to make something of themselves. So, when I read Andrew’s post on his wife’s wildly popular blog, Elements of Style, it really resonated with me. In it, Andrew movingly describes his introduction and subsequent involvement with a cause called Summer Search; a program built on the premise that, given the right tools and dedicated support of others, even those that have been dealt the worst hands in life can move forward and achieve their dreams.

I could tell you more, but I could never do it as well as Andrew. So, head on over to Elements of Style, read Andrew’s post, and if you are moved half as much as I was, maybe you too will join the list of good people, doing good, to give others a good life.

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