Friday, September 21, 2012

Dibs! (The Sofa Edition)

This edition of Dibs! is all about sofas; beautiful, way beyond my means, sofas! These are the davenports I dream of...the ones that make me drool all over my keyboard and pinch myself awake. They are the statement pieces that make a room and the workhorses that quietly gloat in their vintage-y supremacy.

One day, I tell myself. One day...

Rosewood Case Sofa by Milo Baughman

That rosewood is to die for! The mocha velvet's pretty yummy too...this one may be my favorite.

Adrian Pearsall  Sculptural Sofa

The first of (three!) Adrian Pearsall's on the list. This one is so sleek and so low that I may have no choice but to perch on its edge and daintily sip a martini.

Burled Sofa By Milo Baughman

Oh, Milo...! Another designer that made the list more than once, this crushed velvet sofa has a burled wood frame and lofty chrome legs. Unlike the one before it, this two-seater makes me want to snuggle in with a good book.

Danish Tufted Leather Sofa

Tufted olive leather battered to time-worn perfection. So versatile, so lovely.

Adrian Pearsall Sculpted Sofa

The second Adrian Pearsall on the list, this sofa's luscious blue hue stopped me cold in my tracks.

Danish Teak & Leather Sofa

I'm not normally a big fan of black leather sofas. Unless...unless, they're vintage and the perfectly broken-in leather is mixed with warm wood, like this one...

Danish Upholstered Ocher Sofa

At 100" in length, this sofa seems longer than it is. But looking at it, I have the urge to try and see how many friends I can cram on it all at once (just for fun).

PK31/3 Seat Sofa by Poul Kjaerholm

Another leather sofa - this one in cognac, by the understated craftsman Poul Kjaerholm. Love it!

Adrian Pearsall Sofa

The final Adrian Pearsall sofa on my list. This one looks like it could easily tip over if you sat on it. But it's so sculptural  and so impossibly cool, that I just had to include it.

Black Velvet and Solid Rosewood Sofa

Though this velvet sofa is a contemporary custom piece, I love the interpretation of vintage elements in its overall design.

Milo is back! This time with an elegant chrome and (silk?) sofa that just screams retro glamour.

Frits Henningsen Sofa

A mahogany and navy wool masterpiece, this 1940's Danish sofa by Frits Henningsen may be my second favorite piece. It's a bit straight-laced, but I just love the way the wood frame cradles the cushions at the front.

Do you have a favorite? Which one makes your heart beat a little faster, just looking at it?

Images: as linked above


  1. Hi! I was wondering where you found the picture of the Danish Tufted Sofa. We've just bought it in tan and am curious to find out who the designer is:) Thank you!!

  2. Hi oz! The image is from 1st Dibs (click on the caption under the image for the direct link). The dealer (Hallworth) doesn't mention the designer, but I'd try contacting them, as they may have more information than they've listed.

    Good luck!!

  3. hey Bethany! I will do that, thank you:)

  4. Truly wonderful job on the sofa. But you knew that! Vintage Leather Sofas