Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Pinner’s Tale - KETTNER’s

I like to think of Pinterest as a big ball made up of bits of yarn, and me, a bird on a mission. With each encounter, I pick up a loose end, and pull, trying to get to the other. Some pieces are short and willing, and some are long and meandering, with a delightful revelation at the end.  (If you’re on Pinterest, you know what I mean. If you’re not, I apologize; I probably sound like a crazy person.)

Such was the case with the above image. First, I “liked” it. Then I moved on, scrolling down my page a bit. Then, I went back to it. Something was sticking with me about this image.  I enlarged it. There wasn’t much of a description, but the teal blue velvet, the fringe, the tiny chandelier… the moody “nookiness” of it… was just fantastic. So, I pinned it.

A little later, the talented folks at Yatzer commented on my pin. Apparently, my image is from KETTNER’s, a renovation project by studioilse, and they wrote a piece on it. They added a link, and down the rabbit hole I went… 

KETTNER’s, it turns out is quite the rabbit warren itself. A London landmark of sorts, it opened in 1867 and occupies four five-story interconnected Georgian townhouses. Popular with theater-goers, it has a secret passageway to the Palace Theatre (love that!) and has entertained the likes of Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie and Bing Crosby.

From the Brasserie, to the Pudding Bar, to the Champagne Bar, to the Boudoir, to (one of my favorites) the Apartment, KETTNER’s is fanciful, cobbled collection of inviting public and private spaces. 

                                                             The Brasserie 

                          The Pudding Bar

                                                             The Champagne Bar

                                                             The Boudoir

The layers of texture and detail in these spaces are amazing.  Moldings, paneling and ceiling roses contrast in varying degrees with weathered wooden floors, antique rugs, modern furniture and elegant candlesticks. Each room is designed to make guests feel as if they've been invited to dine and relax in the elite home of...someone. (Someone they only wish they knew.)

                                                             The Apartment

KETTNER’s genius is in its modern re-design and its calculated flexibility.  Located on the first floor, the Brasserie, Pudding Bar, Champagne Bar and Boudoir are public spaces. While the second and third floors, house a variety of rooms available for private parties.  Suitable for gatherings of all sizes, these rooms can often be combined to create the exact size, flow or separation desired for each individual occasion.

                                                             Cabinet Particuliers

Wouldn't you love to throw a party here?

Needless to say, this is one of those times, I’m glad I followed my bit of Pinterest string to its end. KETTNER’s redesign is gorgeous. And it’s definitely going on my list of places to visit in London...

For more images and a great article on this project, visit Yatzer | KETTNER's by studioilse: Reinventing a Legend

(Seriously, check it out. I'll be waiting in the Champagne Bar while you do...)

Images: 1, 2, 3-9

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